stamford corn exchange theatre

In 2015 I was approached by the Stamford Corn Exchange to re-brand their theatre. The success of their trade since first opening in 2007 meant that with a strong following and a network of top agents, they were preparing to take a huge leap forward with their theatre programme. With a selection of new bookings and regular performances throughout the week, the Stamford Corn Exchange intended to offer something to everyone, and to push this they needed a brand spanking new identity. They were looking for a brand that was modern and versatile, with a nod towards the history of Stamford, in order for it to remain one of the major cultural landmarks of the town.

The solution was a simple monogram creating the letter T, designed and chosen to represent the theatre, our major focal point for the new brand direction. The rows of corn were incorporated as a reference to the name and the buildings history. These elements were then used to create unique branded artwork for the theatre and applied to all Corn Exchange media, along with the developed brand colours. The red/magenta gradient featured on the logo was created  to simulate the lighting on stage.

Since launching the new brand in November, online sales have increase by over 100%. One of the biggest demands was a website that was consistent, exciting and user friendly with a fluid sales process. The website has proven to be a popular new development and its new reach has led to a larger audience with people traveling from all over the country.

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