the show must go on

Inspired by the current transformation from 35mm to digital in commercial film projection, The Show Must Go On documents the life of British cinema, paying close attention to the many technical changes that were initiated in order to survive among its competitors, whilst sustaining the interest of the cinema audience.

The publication features a full historic background of the subject, extracts from interviews with ex-projectionists regarding the memories of the profession, archive content, self-generated imagery and visual diagrams to illustrate a selection of technical procedures relating to cinema projection.

The overall experimental format for the book was designed to resemble a projector ‘change-over’ – the physical procedure in which a projectionist would switch from one project to another during a showing, to allow the film to be exhibited without a pause at the end of each reel. When the reader reaches the end of book one, the entire unit has to be flipped over in order to start book two and continue the documentary.

Alongside many of the other subtle concepts featured within the publication, the inside covers of the book have been laser-cut to allow the light to project through onto the following page.

The publication was produced for my MDES (Master of Design) final major project.

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