against all odds

For the first time ever in the history of the Olympic Games, women’s boxing has been added to the London 2012 programme; with medals in three weights. Fly weight (48kg-51kg), Light weight (56kg-60kg) and Middle weight (69kg-75kg). This sport has mainly been dominated by the male world. However, in recent years there has been a huge increase in interest for women taking part. Some choose to do it for their fitness but others train to become champions. This photographic documentary explores the world of such a physically demanding sport, focusing on the women who fight against prejudice and push through barriers of such a controversial issue in the sporting community.

This publication was produced in support of an exhibition at the Malt Cross Gallery in Nottingham. The book is split into two separate chapters. Part one throws the reader straight into the ring in a series of gritty images, with strong tonal contrast and blurred movements. Part two captures the boxers training in the gym. This images are softer and perfectly timed, giving the book a certain narrative which reflects the routine and discipline of the sport.

The publication is printed in black and white, with blocks of written information and image titles to support the visual content.

Photography Alexandra Walace